Jetline torch lighters are solidly built to offer you a clean burning flame that are great for lighting cigars in any conditions. Do you like to smoke cigars outside, but have trouble with your soft-flame lighter or matches? Jetline lighters' torch flames are great for lighting a cigar in windy conditions. Even if you enjoy smoking indoors, these torch flames are great for getting that even light that ensures a perfect burn. And with some of the best construction in the business, these lighters will last years and years through hundreds or thousands of cigars.

Made by Jetline, these are the best of the best when it comes to inexpensive lighters. These lighters are butane refillable, are flame adjustable, flame lock system for continuous flame, equipped with oxygen escape valve for high altitude and strong wind conditions, and at these prices you can afford to have a few around the house.

Jetline Triple Flame Torch Lighter

$9.00 Regular Price
$8.10Sale Price