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Private Event Services

Providing Everything You Need to Upgrade Your Event



Choose from an extensive menu of handmade cigars.  We offer two levels of cigars:

Premium for those who want to provide an some of today's most popular handmade cigars at a modest price point.  For those who prefer an elevate experience, we offer the Experience + menu, which includes some of today's hottest luxury cigar brands. Contact us for Premium and Experience + offerings.


Premium Cigars: $11.00 per cigar

Experience + Cigars:   $17.00 per cigar

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Cigar Bar Service

Our Cigar Bar Service Includes Cutting, Lighting, and use of elegant cigar ashtrays.  Our knowledgeable cigar bar hosts can also provide cigar recommendations to ensure your cigar experience is a pleasurable one!

Cigar Bar Services Rate: $40/hr 


Live Cigar Rolling

Take your cigar event to the next level with our live cigar rolling exhibition service! The ultimate experience in cigar history and art -- our cigar roller will roll cigars at your event and provide 40, freshly rolled cigars for your guests to enjoy.  This is an experience like no other!

Live Cigar Rolling (3 hrs + 40 cigars): $1,000.00

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